Infinity Dance & Performing Arts was founded on the vision of bringing the Performing Arts together in an educational setting for children and adults in San Diego. IDPA is dedicated to providing excellent technical training in a positive environment that focuses on the life skills of responsibility, punctuality, dependability, teamwork, and most importantly, respect for others. At IDPA, we are devoted to bringing professionalism and excellence in our classes, faculty, administration, performances and general operations. Our instructors have been highly trained and hold both University and certification degrees in dance, theatre, music, and business. In addition to this, they have also been performers themselves, on film, commercials, print and theatre. We are looking forward to continuing to provide the community with a place to learn, develop, and appreciate their artistic potential for many years to come.


IDPA is a family friendly, positive and supportive environment. We observe a strict “On the Bricks” policy. This means that negative talk from students, parents and guests, will not be tolerated anywhere in the studio. This includes talk about students, parents, instructors, staff, costumes, policies, class placements, etc. If students or parents have a concern about studio policies, or about another student or parent, please direct your concern in person or through email to Jenn (studio owner).


Our studio works hard to communicate well with our students and parents. The majority of communication is done through email updates, monthly newsletters, Facebook and on our lobby communication center. Please make sure to read thoroughly through all studio communications and contact the front desk staff for any clarification. They are happy to answer all of your questions.

Email is our primary source of communication. Please make sure we have your current email address. Emails are typically sent on a weekly basis. If you have not received an email within one week after registering, please see the front desk staff.


We have an open studio Facebook page as well as private pages for our performances. We frequently post videos of our classes, especially nearing a performance, to be used as a practice tool for students. They may view their class choreography and practice along with the video. If you are on Facebook, make sure to ask to be invited to our performance pages.


Attendance is very important to ensure each student’s progress. Students who miss two consecutive classes without prior arrangement may be dismissed from the class and/or from upcoming performances.

Students must be on time for class – no one will be admitted to class if they are more than 15 minutes late to class, unless you have contacted the front desk staff. We suggest you arrive 15 minutes prior to your class to have time to change, stretch and prepare for the class.


Placements will be decided by the Instructor. Dance is an art form that requires time and perseverance. During time of success and discouragement, parental support is vital. Instructors will use discretion and confidentiality when communicating your child’s progress. Instructors determine class placement and your support in their decisions and selection of class placement is necessary.


  • Locker rooms may not be used to practice dancing or acrobatic skills. This is an unsafe use of the area due to the limited space and tile flooring. If you need to practice, please ask the front desk staff if there is an open studio. Practice in a studio space must be done in a serious and responsible manner.

  • Never sit on counter tops or storage shelving or hide in the bench cubbies.

  • No running anywhere in the studio.

  • You may not enter empty studios unless given permission to do so by an instructor or staff member. Studios are not a place to play.

  • Students using the locker room area in an unsafe or irresponsible manner will be asked to stay in the lobby between classes.

  • During the class period, it is the responsibility of the instructor to supervise children enrolled in or trying the class. Instructors and staff are not responsible for supervising children before, after or between classes.

  • Before, after or between classes, it is the responsibility of the parent, guardian or caretaker to supervise their children or any siblings, friends or visitors they have brought.

  • We do not provide childcare. If you are late, you assume full responsibility for your child’s welfare. After class please have your child wait inside the studio. Students should be picked up within 10 minutes of class dismissal. We advise parents of younger dancers (2-5) to stay at the studio while their child is in class.

  • Students old enough to not need direct supervision, are expected to treat all spaces respectfully.

  • Do not let children run, scream or yell, play outdoor type games (tag, hide-and-go-seek, etc.), or jump/stand on furniture in the studio.


  • Locker rooms and bathrooms are a quiet area and besides the use of taking care of restroom needs and changing, the space may be used for studying, completing homework, eating snacks and meals between classes and quiet socialization with friends between classes.

  • No loud voices. They can be heard throughout the studio and are disruptive to classes and staff.

  • Pick up all trash and clean up any mess you make. If you need help or cleaning supplies, inform the front desk staff.  Students must adhere to the Dress Code at all times, including hair. Please wear street clothes over your dancewear when outside of the studio. Street shoes must be worn to and from the studio. No dance shoes outside.

  • Appropriate behavior is expected at all times, towards the IDPA staff and instructors, other students and any and all visitors to the studio. IDPA reserves the right to dismiss those not adhering to this policy.

  • It is the responsibility of the parent or adult student to be aware of IDPA activities such as recitals, important dates and studio closures. The school will post notices through email and on Facebook. It is the Parent or adult students’ responsibility to take care of all fees related to these events. It is also the responsibility of the parent or adult student to inform the school of any address, telephone and/or email change.




Tuition payments are due the 1st of every month. The same fee is charged monthly, regardless of how many classes are held that month. A late fee of $15 will be added to all accounts past due by the 8th of each month. All other services including studio purchases, private lessons and master classes must be paid when the service is rendered. We accept cash, check and most major credit/debit cards as payment. We do not accept American Express for payment. Payments may be made in the studio, mailed, paid over the phone or through our auto-pay program. Please note, we do not send out monthly statements for tuition. It is your responsibility to pay your account in a timely manner. Statements are sent to accounts past due, after a late fee has been applied.


There is a $25 annual registration fee charged to all students. The registration fee will be charged to students who drop and re-enroll within the same year.


We offer a multi-class discount on monthly tuition. We also have a family discount that is applied to monthly tuition and the annual students to the performing arts, we offer a 50% discount on tuition for all male students.


No refunds or credits will be given to classes that are missed or dropped. We do not pro-rate accounts for absences or missed classes. If a student enrolls part way through a month, we will pro-rate the tuition according to the number of classes left in that month.


For your convenience, we offer automatic bill-pay to be charged to your credit/debit card on the 1st of each month. Please see the front desk staff for a form.


Tuition is due the 1st of every month. A late fee of $15 will be charged to accounts not paid by the 8th of the month. If you miss classes during the first week of the month, it is your responsibility to pay your account on time.


A $25 fee will be charged to your account if a check is returned due to insufficient funds.


Please notify the studio if you will be absent or late to a class. Excessive absences may affect a student’s eligibility to participate in performances. We do not pro-rate tuition for missed classes. If the student is absent for the first lesson of the month, please make payment to avoid a late fee. Since our schedule offers one weekly class in each level, we are not able to offer make-up classes.


All class adds, drops and transfers must be done in the studio at the front desk on or before the 30th of the month by filling out a class change form. Class changes are only considered complete after the form has been turned in to the admin staff. Students will not be added to or removed from a class roster without a class change form and accounts will continue to be charged accordingly. Refunds and credits will not be issued to classes dropped after the first week of the month.


The studio orders student costumes for all performances. Students wishing to participate in the performance must purchase a costume. Costume fees are $65 per class, and include the costume, accessories and tights. Students must provide their own shoes. Participation in a performance is always optional, but highly recommended as a tool to developing a great performer.

Payment due dates for costumes has been noted on the studio calendar. If payment is not received in full by the due date, a costume will not be ordered. You can make payments for costumes any time leading up to the due date.


This section will help you determine whether a season in the performing arts is the right fit for you. It includes regular season costs, as well as performance related expenses. Items marked with * are performance only expenses. All costs are estimated and will vary.

  • Dancewear: $20+ (see dress code for requirements)

  • Shoes: $20+: varies based on style and brand. Performance shoes may be different color than class shoes.

  • Tights: $10+ (see dress code for requirements)

  • *Costumes: $65: includes tights

  • *Hair products/Make-up: Buying, replacing or replenishing anything like red lipstick, eyeshadow, hair spray, etc.

  • *Performance Tickets: $10-$20/ea

  • Extras: Other costs may include performance DVD’s, professional pictures, performer t-shirts, congratulatory ads and Star Grams.




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