Sunday, June 22nd
Show time: 1:00-3:00pm
Call time: 12:00pm @ Showcase Stage

We would like to remind you that it is very important to attend every class leading up to these performances. Please keep in mind our performance policy as stated in the recital packet. All students must be at the final class before a show or they will not be allowed to participate.




PLAN AHEAD.  There is always Fair traffic near the Via De La Valle exit!  Plan on arriving in the parking lot at 11:30am sharp.  This should give you enough time to check in and walk the distance to the Showcase Stage (main stage across from the long row of food)  All performers must report to the Showcase Stage at 12:00.  Please arrive on time since we are on the Fair's schedule and cannot start late.  We will not be able to wait on performers who do not arrive on time.

DRESSING ROOMS. Please arrive in your first costume with hair and make-up done.  There is limited dressing room space and we will only be able to have students with costume changes in this area.  We will bring all of our clothing racks for you to hang your extra costumes.  You may bring a small individual rack for your costumes.  There will be a girls side and a boys side for dressing.  Please NO men in the dressing room areas before, during or after the show.



DURING THE SHOW. Performers will be able to sit in the audience during the show.  We ask that you are EXTRA cautious about sitting so that they do not get any dirt or snags on your costumes.  We have created a more informal setting for this performance so that the students can help support one another.  All dancers and parents should stay alert during our show for when you are being called back stage to go "on".  You should never leave the stage area before your performance!  The teachers and directors should be able to find you at all times.  We ask that you all respect our "On the Bricks" policy, which means that we do not say anything negative about any other performer, parent, crew or staff member etc while on the venue's premises (including parking lot.).  No one is perfect and we have students at varying levels and abilitles but we are all on the same team!

RECITAL SHIRTS.  Please turn in your package order form (found in the recital packet) this week.  We would love for all of the performers who are ordering a recital t-shirt to wear their Lion King t-shirts around the fair after the performance.  This helps to promote our show as well as bringing uniformity and a sense of community.





FAIR TICKETS.  All performers will receive their Fair ticket this week in class.  This pass will also get one chaperone (if under 18)  in for Free.  Additional tickets for your other family members who are riding with you can be purchased from the ticket booth in this performer check-in area.  All Chaperone's and adult performers must be carrying a valid ID.


PARKING PASSES.  The City of Del Mar has reduced the amount of parking in the Performer's Parking lot in the last couple of years.  We are given parking passes for 60-70% of our performers.  We first try to accommodate those with multiple costumes or props to carry.  We ask that you try to make arrangements with fellow classmates to carpool if possible.  If you do not receive a parking pass you will follow the directions below to the general parking lot and there will be a shuttle to take you around to the Solana Gate performer's lot.

DIRECTIONS. Take the 5-N.  Take Via De La Valle exit.  Turn left onto Via De La Valle.  
With green parking pass:  Turn left into Solana Gate.
Without green parking pass: Turn left onto Jimmy Durante Blvd. (Once you park, you will ride the tram to the Solana Gate to check in at the performers table.)



580 Broadway El Cajon, CA 92021


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